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Keep Your Car in Optimal Running Condition with Auto Care in Belleville

Drive in today for a transmission flush completed by a knowledgeable technician. Gulf Auto Lube warmly welcomes you to our clean and inviting premises for complete auto care in Belleville, MI

Service Area For Auto Care in Belleville, MI

Transmission Flushes

Out with the old fluid and in with the new — completed in ten minutes and for just $79.95! We drain the fluid using the available plug or pull it out with a special machine. No matter the year or setup of your car, we'll perform our process to 100% and without exception.

Radiator Flushes

While we're at it, why not combine the oil flush with a radiator flush? We trust Dex-Cool™ fluid, used in most GM™ models, plus other universal fluids were applicable. Service price is just $79.95 and for this. We also inspect all radiator hoses.

Power Steering Flushes

Again, taking just ten minutes to complete a steering fluid flush is a worthy addition to your to-do list. Service price is an unbeatable $69.95.

Engine Flush

For those with slightly older cars, Gulf Auto Lube recommends a rejuvenating engine flush. This includes draining all fluid and replacing it with newer, higher-quality fluid. Service price is $19.99 for a standard flush, and only $49.95 for a super flush.

Three-Step Fuel Injector Cleaning & Serpentine Belt Replacement

Avoid expensive auto repair bills by keeping a watchful eye over important components. Gulf Auto Lube, located in Belleville, Michigan, provides fuel injector cleaning and serpentine belt replacement. 

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Remove carbon build-up from your car's fuel lines for a cleaner, more efficient overall burn. Gulf Auto Lube uses a specialist machine to complete the process with precision, resulting in long-lasting performance.

4X4 Services

Allow us to check the front and rear differentials and replace fluids and the battery if needed. We also thoroughly inspect your vehicle during this service and make recommendations based on the findings. Work is never carried out unless you have given your express permission.
Transmission Pan
From under the vehicle itself, we take off the pan, gasket, and filter, and then replace all the fluid complete with a gasket and filter. Service price is just $149.95.
Serpentine Belt
A timely serpentine belt replacement saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run — as anyone who's had a belt fail on them will confirm! The process, like so many others, takes just ten minutes. Service price is just $60.00 and is recommended between 60,000 to 100,000 miles
Fuel Filters
Change them every 25,000 to 30,000 for lower mileage. This one is a no-brainer and costs just $30.00.

Contact us for a range of auto care in Belleville, MI service options covering the needs of virtually any road-worthy vehicle.

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